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    United Group Service Center as the latest authorized after-sales Service Center for NISSAN Company, which isequipped with the latest machinery and equipment to conduct all types of maintenance and repairs to service cars in a comprehensive and integrated reform and the latest technologies, electronic test equipments.

    • The Center is in a unique location, in the center of the capital behind El Darasa Traffic controller, which qualifies it to serve NISSAN customers in Nasr City, Heliopolis, Abbasia and old Egypt.
    • The maintenance and technical personnel trained on these devices and on the latest work techniques of auto service centers, that have been trained under the supervision of NISSAN specialists.
    • Periodic Maintenance Services.
    • Obligation to provide Warranty services in accordance with the rules of Nissan.
    • Service of all repair work (mechanics - electricity – body repair and paint jobs).
    • Quick Maintenance Services.
    • Steering and Suspension Services.
    • Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance Services.
    • Brakes Services.
    • A/C Maintenance Services.
    • Provide examination thorough the car's condition and present verification of it condition.
    • Computer testing and trouble diagnosis of any malfunctions.
    • Spare Parts:

      - The prices of Spare parts of the company are granted by Genuine NISSAN.

      3 month Warranty on the spare parts against manufacturing defects.

      - spare parts are available and can be preordered under reservations.
    • Body Repair and Paint Jobs Section:

      Is equipped with BLACK HAWK Chassis Alignment.
      - Is equipped with a welding machine as in the car production manufacturer.
      - Is equipped with paint ovens.
      - Paint labs for mixing colors.
      - Usage of exact factory car paints.

      * As the Center also deals with all insurance companies in order to satisfy customers.

    • The Service Center also conduct maintenance contracts for the companies and institutions that wish to lift off the burden of maintenance for their cars and take this unique service offers, discounts and various facilities for payments.

    • You are welcomed to visit United Group Service center to view our potential and capabilities of the Center devices and equipment.


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    Looking forward to be our client in order to give United Group the pleasure to provide you with the neatest and most advanced services.


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